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What is a bow thruster?


Maneuvering your yacht can sometimes be difficult, specially if its big. A bow thruster will provide you with more control and confidence, allowing you to execute more precise maneuvers and avoid bumping your boat into the docks.

A bow thruster is a small propulsion device located at the bow that provides lateral thrust, increasing the maneuverability of the vessel. These are usually standard for larger vessels – 45 feet and up – but can be fitted into almost any medium sized vessel. These come particularly handy when sailing under gusty winds or strong currents, or when approaching tight areas with little space.

Bow thruster come in a variety of sizes and powers, so consider the size of your boat before adventuring to buy one. Usually, they are powered hydraulically or electrically, so keep in mind the power capacity of your batteries and generators. Remember, smaller boats use DC power while larger ones use AC or hydraulic power. Ask your retailer which type of thruster will best fir your boat.

Having a bow thruster on your yacht will increase your ability to maneuver it even under the harshest conditions. That being said, this is just another device that will make your sailing experience even safer and stress-free. Mabrumarine1105

Marine battery maintenance

One could say that the battery is the heart of your boat’s electrical system, which is why it must always be in good operating conditions. Unlike automobile batteries, which are frequently used, boat batteries can sit unused for months at a time, which may lead to a dead battery when you most need it. Take good care of your [...]

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Knowing the batteries of your boat

With the proliferation of electronic equipment and gadgets for your boat, batteries are becoming a more important component of modern yachts. In general, marine batteries are 6- or 12-volts and are used to start the engine, as they can produce a large amount of power in short bursts and are recharged with an alternator once the engine is running.Boats [...]

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How to save fuel while cruising

It’s not a mystery that marine fuel isn’t cheap, so you should do anything you can to make the most out of whatever fuel you have available. These five tips will help you save fuel -and money- and cruise for longer. 1.Reduce the drag: Just like with cars, objects that affect the aerodynamic design of the boat will create more [...]

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What to Do in a Man Overboard Situation

Accidents will eventually happen, so you should do anything you can to prevent them and be ready to act when necessary. One of this situations is when you or one of your crewmembers fall into the water. Here we will teach you how to prevent falling and what to do in the event someone falls into the water.Prevent: Make [...]

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Tips for handling trouble at sea

You have all the safety equipment and gear, but if you do not know how to act or are unfamiliar with the emergency equipment or how to use it, an emergency can rapidly become a disaster. Accidents happen fast, so being prepared can make the difference. Here are some tips for handling troubles while on the water. -Run drills for [...]

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What to bring on the first aid kit

Once you are out on the sea, you will only have whatever you brought with yourself, and any kind of aid will be miles away and difficult to get to if anything goes wrong. This is why you should always have a first aid kit when sailing, with sufficient supplies depending on how far and for how long will [...]

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7 things you need to know before sailing for the first time

So, you finally bought your yacht and are about to go into the sea for the first time. Sailing can be complicated and, sometimes, dangerous, so you there are several things you should consider first. However, as you keep practicing these should become second-nature and you will be an expert in no time!1.If it is your first time, don’t [...]

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Why you should get a marine radar for your yacht

Previously used only for large vessels, marine radars are the best collision avoidance system developed. Technology has allowed us to reduce their size, making them a good choice for recreational boats, as it will allow you to see through darkness, fog, and poor weather conditions. Unlike a GPS, which will only serve to locate yourself and navigate, a marine radar [...]

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7 Sailing terms you need to know

If you are just getting into the yachting world, there are several things to learn, including all the weird-sounding words you have certainly heard somewhere. Below we provide small, but useful, glossary that will get you introduced to the -Aft: The back of the ship. If something is located aft, it is on the back-end of the boat. Also referred to as [...]

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