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7 things you need to know before sailing for the first time


So, you finally bought your yacht and are about to go into the sea for the first time. Sailing can be complicated and, sometimes, dangerous, so you there are several things you should consider first. However, as you keep practicing these should become second-nature and you will be an expert in no time!

1.If it is your first time, don’t go into the water by yourself! Try and get someone with experience to join you on your first trip and to teach you all the basics. A good place to start is a boating club. There, you might be able to get someone to teach you everything, from the basics of boating to the terminology to the safety equipment you must use. They might also let you practice in a sheltered bay or local reservoir, where the conditions are calm enough to learn.

2.Find out if you need a license or registration for your boat. Ask your local authority if you need any permit for sailing. Even if you have to pay a fee, keep in mind that the money will be spent directly on maintaining the facilities and providing services for boaters.

3.Check the weather before departing. This is critical, as weather changes are highly unpredictable, and a storm or heavy rain can be particularly dangerous for beginners.

4.Dress appropriately. Bring clothes for when it gets warm or chilly. Also, bring appropriate shoe wear, as the deck will surely get wet and slippery. Don’t forget to bring enough lifejackets as people will be on the boat!

5.Become familiar with all your boats devices. Learn how to use all the devices on your boat. This includes the generator and the marine air conditioner unit. Making appropriate use of them will make your time in the water more enjoyable!

6.Have a first aid kit on an easily accessible place. Water can be unpredictable, and anyone can get hurt or sick at any time. Since no immediate medical aid or doctor will be available, keep a first aid kid handy. This way, you can treat yourself or someone else until you are back ashore.

7.Don’t leave without your tool box. Have the appropriate tools and spare parts (the small ones) too fix any minor problems you might find with your equipment or devices. Also, bring the instructions manuals for all the devices with you.


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