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Giving the shine back to your anchor

Anchors were made to be under the sea for long periods of time, so it’s no surprise that they get rusty pretty quick due to the corrosive nature of seawater. Even if the rust won’t affect the performance of the anchor, you might want to have a nice looking anchor. There are some things you can do to return [...]

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Types of generators

Different generators have different operating principles and provide different benefits. Generators can be classified according to their driving force (gas, diesel or hydraulic) and according to their engine.First, gas and diesel generator are pretty similar, as both operate burning fuel to power the engine that will convert the mechanical power into electric power. The type of fuel of your generator [...]

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Keeping your anchor chain and rode clean and shiny

Every component of your boat is important and must be taken care of. What at first seemed like a fun and relaxing holiday can quickly turn into a nightmare if a critical component of your boat fails while cruising.A chain is only strong as its weakest link, so inspect every meter of the chain. There are some points that [...]

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Replacing your anchor windlass

As with all electrical and mechanical equipment, there will come a time when your windlass just stops working and will be damage beyond repair. Here is a small guide on how to replace your old windlass. When buying a new windlass, make sure it has enough power to lift the anchor of your boat.The first thing you have to do [...]

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Taking good care of your anchor windlass

There are many ways to preserve and extend the life of your anchor windlass. Most windlasses won’t require periodic maintenance as other equipment, except for occasionally rinsing away the salt water with fresh water, as it is extremely corrosive and will damage the parts and mechanisms of the windlass in no time.However, once you are going to service the windlass [...]

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Tips for Sail Maintenance

If you own a sailboat, you will surely be using the sail quite often. Taking care of it will not only propel your boat better but will also make your boat look more beautiful. Here are some tips to take good care of your sail and extend its life. -Use the sails in the desires wind ranges: Contact the manufacturer of [...]

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Choosing a Watermaker

Buying a watermaker for your boat could be considered as a long-term investment, so buying the right one for your boat and your needs is the first step to prevent any future trouble with the water supply of your boat.The first thing to consider is whether you need an AC or a DC system. If you use a generator for [...]

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Preparing Your Boat for Returning to the Water

As the temperature rises, you will surely start to plan your first ailing trip of the season. However, before going back into the water you need to make sure that everything is working as intended so you don’t have any unpleasant surprises while at sea.Here is a short checklist of the main things you should look after before sailing [...]

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Salvaging Your Yacht After Damages

Your yacht will never be impervious to damages. Whether due to a hurricane or storm or crashing against a pile of rocks or the pier, sometimes your boat may suffer damages beyond repair or repairing it may be even more expensive than buying a new boat altogether.Hitting the dock while docking might cause serious damage to the hull, rendering [...]

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Wet Storage or Dry Storage. Which is Better?

Summer has come and gone, and with the fall rapidly approaching, you must begin to consider what to do with your boat while the temperature outside is too cold to sail. You can either leave your boat in the water. Both have their benefits and disadvantages. Here, we will mention a few to help you decide.The first thing you should [...]

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