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Choosing the right generator for your boat

As with most devices, there are several types of generators available for purchase in the market. Here are some things you should consider when shopping for generators.-Most generators are either powered by gasoline or diesel. The engine of your generator should use the same fuel as the main engine of your boat. This will save you storage space and avoid [...]

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Keeping your boat safe during hurricane season

During the last couple of years hurricanes have become more common and stronger in the coasts of Florida. These represent a huge danger for boats and can cause costly damages or even damage a boat beyond repair. Therefore, you must properly prepare and protect your boat before hurricane season starts.-Take your boat off the water!: Boats that are dry stored [...]

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Benefits of using a watermaker

Ironically, when sailing there will be water all over the place, but sweater cannot be used for most onboard chores, even less for drinking. Therefore, having a reliable supply of drinking water is a necessity, and you should always consider how long will you be at sea when calculating how much water to take with you.By using a watermaker you [...]

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Caring for your watermaker

If you are using a watermaker for your fresh water supplies, chances are you are not carrying gallons and gallons of water on your boat. As with all the devices and equipment on your boat, regular maintenance and care are critical for increasing their service life and to prevent any issues. Here, we provide some advice for taking care [...]

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Misconceptions about watermakers

Having as much information as possible is always useful when going into the market for new pieces of equipment for your boat, especially when considering non-essential equipment such as a watermaker, as they can be a significant investment that may not satisfy all your needs. Here are some common misconceptions people have regarding watermakers.Watermakers are expensiveAlthough watermakers are not essential for [...]

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Saving water when sailing

Even if you have a watermaker, fresh, drinking water is a limited supply when sailing. You might be able to fill your tanks at marinas or docks, but sometimes the quality of the water provided there is not the best, so it is important to make good use of whatever fresh water you have available. Here are six tips [...]

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What is a watermaker and how does it work?

Water is essential to life, and you should always have water to spare, but it can be quite heavy and take a lot of space within your boat, especially when sailing for long distances or extended periods of time. A watermaker -also called a desalinator- can be a useful alternative to meet your water needs, providing you with a [...]

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Why should you have a generator for your boat?

Most boats are powered by diesel engines. These machines are usually powerful enough to provide propulsion and electricity for your vessel; while the boat is moving, the main engine powers everything on it.However, when you stop somewhere for the night you might want to shut off the engines to save fuel. When the main engine is off, no electricity [...]

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Taking care of your power generator

The marine environment can be pretty aggressive on your boat’s systems, as seawater is corrosive by nature. This, along with extended use, can rapidly wear your boat’s generator -one of the critical components of your boat, as if it doesn’t work, none of your boat’s systems will work – increasing the risk of potential problems when sailing. Most people only [...]

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Capstans and windlasses. How are they different?

Sailing terms can be confusing at times; there are so many parts and devices that getting your head around each of them and their operation is no easy task.Your boat will usually have a device used for winding the ropes and chains when anchoring. Such a device is commonly referred to as the boat’s windlass. However, some people will [...]

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