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Advantages of using copper in marine air conditioner systems.

The basic principle of refrigeration is the transfer of heat from one place to another. Since copper has practically double the thermal conductivity as other materials, it is commonly used in marine air conditioner systems due to its efficiency, durability and suitability to prevent mold or bacteria inside the cabin. Now, Mabru Power Systems manufactures marine air conditioner products with the options of [...]

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How does a condensate pump work?

The condensate pump is the pump designed for air conditioner and refrigeration systems that create an accumulation of water. Water condenses from the water stream or warm air that is cooled with a unit that rapidly reduces its temperature. The pump removes the water from the system and pumps it through a pipe, usually the outtake that discharges it [...]

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How can I defrost my marine chiller?

Ideally, a chiller that works correctly with an evaporator mounted on the upper part will always have a fine layer of frost or ice, both in the front and in the back. This is usual, since most of the time the temperature of the evaporator is below the freezing point of water, so any humidity of the air inside [...]

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Guide to prepare your boat before painting it

Over time, it is likely that the paint on your boat will start peeling and lose its shine (especially if it is a wooden boat). Below we give you some advice on how to prepare your boat before painting it and how to make it colorful and shiny again, making it look as good as new. Since most modern [...]

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Compressor overheating.

An appropriate maintenance can help solving and preventing issues with the compressors of the marine air conditioner systems and the air pumps. However, there are other issues resulting from mechanical or electrical problems with the system, which may occur without any apparent reason and that must be solved by a technician. The compressor overheating is a problem that may cause [...]

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What is the purpose of the marine air conditioner control?

Unlike domestic air conditioner systems, marine air conditioners have more components, so the control is a critical part of the system since it allows to know and control the status and operation of each component. It controls the speed of the fan based on the difference between the current and the established temperature, and usually have 5 speed settings. It [...]

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What is the best material for my boat’s grille?

The final element of the marine air conditioner system is the ventilation grille. The air that will keep you cool will come from here. There is a variety of prices and materials in the market, so you can choose the type of grille that best adjusts to your budget and to the appearance you want to give to your boat. Wood: [...]

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The best materials for marine air conditioner units

Marine air conditioner systems are cooled with the salt water of the ocean. The best systems available in the market have copper-nickel (CuNi) condensing coils at a 70/30% ratio. These materials provide the same resistance to corrosion as titanium, but the CuNi welds are much more reliable. We recommend avoiding CuNi at a 90/10% ratio since its life expectancy is very short. [...]

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Copper marine air conditioner systems: Good for your health and for your boat.

Besides being the material of choice thanks to its anticorrosive and conductive properties, copper has become the top material for marine air conditioner systems due to the benefits it provides to the health of the users of the systems and to everyone who enjoys sailing on yachts.Bacteria, fungi and mold find in the humidity, darkness and temperature of marine air [...]

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What is a heat pump?

An important element of the air conditioner systems is the heat pump. This element of the air conditioner unit is capable of going from cold to hot by using an inverter valve. The heat pump works through a compressor which compresses a refrigerant gas. By raising the temperature, it generates heat; when the heat is eliminated, the gas will condensate into a [...]

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