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How to clean the hoses of your marine air conditioner system.

Unlike domestic air conditioner systems, marine air conditioners work with water. The system pumps the seawater on which you are sailing, conducts it through the system to cool it, and discharges it back into the ocean from the side of the boat. This means that a constant and clean flow of water is necessary for the correct operation of [...]

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How to choose a marine air conditioner for my yacht

The basic principle of any marine air conditioner system is the transfer of heat from one element to another. In addition to lowering the air temperature, the air conditioner system also removes moist, providing greater comfort and maintaining your boat dry, free of mold and of other humidity-related problems that may reduce its service life. There are several factors to consider when [...]

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When to service your marine air conditioner

An appropriate service is critical to maintain your marine air conditioner in optimum service conditions and to extend its service life. This service includes cleaning the air filters and checking that the air pump functions correctly. Likewise, we recommend activating the inverted cycle for a few minutes. If the unit does not chill, it is important to verify if the display of [...]

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The best way to buy accessories for my boat.

Avoid the second-hand market. We may find very attractive offers for second-hand equipment, but it is not always advisable to install these accessories in our boats since, even if these might be cheaper, they may present problems in the future, affecting the entire system. Sometimes it is better to invest a bit more money today to have peace of mind [...]

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Things to consider before buying a yacht.

There are several things to consider before buying a yacht. The market offers a variety of materials, sizes and characteristics. Wood yachts are the cheapest option but are also the most delicate; if water filters on to the inside, the wood will rot and repairing it may be complicated and expensive. Likewise, glass fiber yachts, the most common type, usually have structural [...]

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Tips to maintain your yacht in optimal conditions

When summer arrives, and the temperature rises, you will surely want to take your boat and sail in the waters to enjoy the sun and breeze. Here are some tips to maintain your yacht in top condition so you are not left stranded on land. Wash your yacht regularly. If your boat is on the sea, wash it thoroughly with [...]

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Tips for servicing your marine air conditioner

The air conditioner system is an important type of any vessel, since it provides heat, cold and maintains the cabins fresh and free of moisture. Follow these simple tips to make sure that the air conditioner of your yacht is working properly at all times. 1.Keep the air filter of your marine air conditioner clean. Cleaning the air filters of your boat is [...]

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Why is it important to descale the engine and the marine air conditioner of your boat.

All the systems that have contact and that function with seawater tend to accumulate calcium and are a suitable environment for barnacles and other marine growth, reducing the system’s water flow and, potentially, causing serious damage. The accumulation of calcium inside the heat exchanger functions as an insulator and may reduce the transfer of heat between the seawater and the [...]

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How can I know the power of my marine air conditioner?

The main difference between the air conditioner units installed in boats and yachts is the power and heat they generate. These is measured in BTU/hour. BTU stands for British Thermal Units, a unit similar to the calorie, defined as the amount of heat required to increase the temperature of one pound of water by one degree Fahrenheit. One BTU is [...]

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What are the best materials for marine air conditioner units?

Avoid headaches and expensive repairs and enjoy the air conditioner of your boat whenever you need it. If you want a reliable unit, it must have the best materials that guarantee durability and reliability, giving you the peace of mind that they will never fail when you need them the most. Below, we describe the best materials that you [...]

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