Marine battery maintenance

Marine battery maintenance

One could say that the battery is the heart of your boat’s electrical system, which is why it must always be in good operating conditions. Unlike automobile batteries, which are frequently used, boat batteries can sit unused for months at a time, which may lead to a dead battery when you most need it. Take good care of your battery, and you will always have as much power as you need. Here are some tips for keeping your batteries in perfect conditions.

  • -The best thing you can do to take care of your batteries is to keep them properly charged. All batteries will slowly discharge if left unused. We recommend periodically charging them by turning the boat’s engine on and using the components it feeds.
  • -Isolate the batteries when you won’t be using them. By turning off the master switch, there will be no parasitic loads depleting the batteries. This will increase the life of your batteries and will prevent future damages.
  • -Keep the battery compartment well ventilated. The gases created by the battery can be explosive if they enter in contact with a spark or an ignition source.
  • -When connecting the batteries, make sure that you connect the terminals the correct way. Mixing them up can toast your electrical equipment and can be a fire hazard. Always remove and reinstall de negative (black) cable first.

Take good care of your batteries, don’t over or undercharge them, and you will have years of trouble-free power.

Jul 26th 2018 Mabru Power Systems

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