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Tips for handling trouble at sea


You have all the safety equipment and gear, but if you do not know how to act or are unfamiliar with the emergency equipment or how to use it, an emergency can rapidly become a disaster. Accidents happen fast, so being prepared can make the difference. Here are some tips for handling troubles while on the water.

  • -Run drills for the different scenarios or emergencies you may face. This includes assigning specific roles to each person on the boat and making sure everyone knows their way around the boat and what they have to do (and shouldn’t d) during the emergency.
  • -Keep calm! Panic won’t let you act as you should and lead you to make mistakes. If you have established procedures for acting in emergencies, this shouldn’t be an issue. With proper preparation, most emergencies can be dealt with minimizing the risk to persons and to the boat.
  • -Depending on the emergency, you might want to send a distress call over the VHF radio. State the name of your vessel, your location, and the emergency. Speak slowly and clearly, so everyone in the vicinity knows that you are in distress and can assist you, if necessary.

Prioritize human lives over the boat. Your life and the lives of your crew come first. If things look extremely dire, do not hesitate to abandon the ship. 


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