What is a bow thruster?

What is a bow thruster?

Maneuvering your yacht can sometimes be difficult, specially if its big. A bow thruster will provide you with more control and confidence, allowing you to execute more precise maneuvers and avoid bumping your boat into the docks.

A bow thruster is a small propulsion device located at the bow that provides lateral thrust, increasing the maneuverability of the vessel. These are usually standard for larger vessels – 45 feet and up – but can be fitted into almost any medium sized vessel. These come particularly handy when sailing under gusty winds or strong currents, or when approaching tight areas with little space.

Bow thruster come in a variety of sizes and powers, so consider the size of your boat before adventuring to buy one. Usually, they are powered hydraulically or electrically, so keep in mind the power capacity of your batteries and generators. Remember, smaller boats use DC power while larger ones use AC or hydraulic power. Ask your retailer which type of thruster will best fir your boat.

Having a bow thruster on your yacht will increase your ability to maneuver it even under the harshest conditions. That being said, this is just another device that will make your sailing experience even safer and stress-free. Mabrumarine1105

Jul 26th 2018 Mabru Power Systems

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