How to Choose your Next Marine Air Conditioner

Choosing the right marine air conditioner for your boat can be a difficult decision. So no matter whether you are looking to replace your existing unit or you are looking to install one for the first time, we thought we would take a closer look at the options available.   

Having the ability to control the climate on your boat helps to ensure that you get to enjoy the beauty of sailing all year round. From those humid and hot days to the cooler winter days, the right marine air conditioning unit can completely transform your experience.

Types of marine air conditioner units

Although there are many different products available on the market, there are typically three main designs:

Self-contained Units

Self-contained marine air conditioners are most commonly used on boats of up to 80 feet and every major component is affixed to a single chassis. This single unit can then be easily stored and tucked away underneath your bunk or in a locker.
Typically a self-contained unit will be used to cool or heat a single room, however, it is also possible for it to be ducted out to two rooms as required. The unit is quite a cost-effective solution for many boat owners and it is fueled by refrigerant.

Split Systems

A split system marine air conditioner works in a similar way to an AC system in your home and the major components are split between two units that are connected by insulated copper tubing. The condensing unit will typically be mounted in the engine room or other mechanical area, while the evaporator unit will be mounted in your living area.

By fitting air handlers to your condensing system you will also be able to cool multiple rooms or a large area.

Chilled Water Systems

A chilled water system is used for large boats and features a chiller unit which is able to heat or cool freshwater that is then pumped around a piping loop to cool, or warm, your rooms. There is usually no limitation on the number of handlers in the system or the distance from the chiller.

Which unit is right for you?

Deciding which marine air conditioner unit is the right solution for your boat will usually start by understanding the size of the system you require. You will also need to consider the rooms that you want to be able to control the climate in, where they are located, and the load factor the system requires.

Here at Mabru Power Systems, we have been providing high-quality marine air conditioning units for over thirty years and we specialize in private yachts and military vessels. We focus on providing the world’s best DC Marine Air Conditioner and utilize copper fin technology across our products; helping to provide improved antimicrobial benefits, increased efficiency, and improved longevity.   

Mabru is the leader in innovation. We were the first manufacturer in the world to design and produce dual-voltage 230V 50/60 HZ air conditioning units, giving you full control of the climate on your boat. Our patent pending antimicrobial copper units do not exist anywhere else on the market. Our unique copper fin technology is also highly resistant to mold and bacteria a well as helping to reduce odor. Our 7,000 BTU 12V DC battery operated marine air conditioners were designed for the smaller boats in mind. In addition, we provide a lifetime warranty on our compressors.

With the summer months just around the corner, if you are looking for a new marine air conditioning unit then get in touch with our friendly and highly experienced team today. Want to know more about our unique systems? Below is an informational video about our Self contained units:

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    Mabru’s products are one of a kind! I was interested in purchasing a new ac unit and was able to speak with the techs, who are very hands on and informative. I made the switch from aluminium to copper, so much safer and cleaner. Perfect unit, perfect install. Haven’t looked back since!

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