ITC "3701" Air Cooled Refrigeration Unit, Medium holding plate, 5.3 cu.ft. fridge or 1.8 cu. ft. freezer, ITC Digital Controller

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Isotherm Plus ITC Holding Plate Systems - Air Cooled

Isotherm PLUS is replacing the ASU control module with the new Intelligent Temperature Control (ITC) in combination with the Isotherm Holding Plate:


  • Same eutectic holding plate sizes
  • Now capable of freezing temperatures
  • Same dependable SeCOP (Danfoss) compressors backed by the exclusive Isotherm 5-year limited warranty
  • More control over energy savings
  • Digital temperature readout in Celsius or Fahrenheit
  • Digital temperature control
  • Compressor speed control
  • Battery protection control
  • Click here for more information on the Intelligent Temperature Control (ITC) 


The new Isotherm PLUS with ITC control module allows the user to set the temperature they want. With a simple push of the up or down keys, the digital temperature setting in Celsius or Fahrenheit will read out on the display panel.

Product Highlights:

  • Refrigerator or Freezer
  • Intelligent Temperature Control of compressor speed (ITC or ECO mode)
  • Digital temperature display shows ambient temperatures in box
  • 12/24 V Danfoss / Secop compressor
  • Universal kit AC/DC optional for a complete power supply compatibility (12/24 V, 230/115 V and 50/60 Hz)
  • Kit comes complete with click-on bracket for easy compressor installation on a deck or bulkhead
Compressor Type
Dimensions Compressor H x W x D (inch)
12 x 6 x 6
Dimensions Holding Plate H x W x D (inch)
14 x 11 x 2.4

Max. Refrigerator Volume (cubic feet.)

Max. Freezer Volume (cubic feet)

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