Vitrifrigo Refrigerator C39IBP4-F-1

  • Brand: Vitrifrigo
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  • SKU: MPS-3425



1.3 cu. ft. Refrigerator only, Black, internal unit, Adjustable flange, Airlock latch, 12/24V 115/230VAC - 50/60Hz


The new Airlock closure system has been designed to allow an easier access for the end user and integrate different features in order to offer an innovative product, extremely user-friendly.

Airlock: 4 innovative solutions

Positive door closure, to prevent unwanted openings.

Unique Double purpose mounting flange, for both door inside and door outside installation.

Fast reversible opening:thanks to its smart design, it’s now extremely quick and easy to operate. 

Integrated "vent position" system, to keep the fridge door ajar, preventing the formation of unpleasant odours and mould when not in use. 

The new Sea-Classic series is available in two brand new colours, very popular and elegant at the same time.

Two available versions: Light bright tones of pearl grey, and Dark, with an emphasis on the contrasting colours. 

Two graphic interpretations that aim to enhance the design, shapes and textures of the materials used, to meet the different needs in terms of image and surroundings of the refrigerator.










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