Double Drawer 160 LIGHT FRIDGE / FREEZER / ICE MAKER 5.5 Cu. Ft

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Drawer Custom Panel Design:

Indel Webasto Marine’s products possess a high degree of customization, allowing installations fully integrated with the on board design. A perfect integration with the on board design means harmony and elegance with the furniture present inside the boat. For this purpose IWM has introduced the Drawer 49, 55, 65 and 160 with a door ready to be customized with the client’s door front. 

Three brackets are included with each door which are easily mouned on the back of your custom panel.  Corresponding anchor points make installing your custom panel easy, repeatable, and fast.

Following are part numbers and descriptions:

3160BM6C00015 Double Drawer 160 LIGHT FRIDGE-FREEZER- ICE MAKER - AC Only (115v) with Special Brackets for 3/4 inch wood front
Double Drawer 160 LIGHT FREEZER ONLY WITH ICE MAKER - AC Only (115v) with Special Brackets for 3/4 inch wood panel front


Product Highlights:

  • Perfect integration with the on board design: fridge or freezer become “invisible”
  • Possibility of a side-by-side installation of fridge and freezer 
  • Customizable safety door locks/handles: the client has the opportunity to install on his panel the same safety door lock used on the rest of the furniture. 
  • Door panel mounting brackets and installation instructions included in a special kit inside the fridge ready to be customized. The fixing kit includes 3 brackets, 2 covers for the two upper brackets and screws.

Technical details:

Indel Webasto Marine Fridges & Freezers Customization 
Gross capacity (cu.ft.)
Drawer 49 Fridge: 1.75
Drawer 55 Freezer: 1.9
Drawer 65 Fridge: 2.3
Drawer 160  Fridge, Freezer, Fridge/Freezer, Combo: 5.5
External dimensions H x W x D (inch)
DR 49: 20.9 x 15.9 x 20.5
DR 55: 20.9 x 18.5 x 21
DR 65: 20.9 x 18.5 x 21
DR 160 (all versions): 34 x 24.6 x 23
Weight (lbs)
DR 49: 23kg
DR 55: 25kg
DR 65: 27kg
DR 160 (all versions): 143
Power consumption (W/24h)
DR 49: 340
DR 55: 600
DR 65: 360
DR 160 (all versions): 1100
Dimensional Drawing (DR160) USA

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