Isotherm ITC Digital Display Kit - Intelligent Temperature Control

  • Brand: Isotherm
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  • SKU: SED00036DA


NOTE: Please verify the availability before placing the order. ETA between 2 to 3 weeks.

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The ITC display can be mounted flush or proud mount.  A digital thermostat uses a thermistor or wire probe to sense the temperature inside the fridge.  If you have ever had a mechanical thermostat rust out, consider upgrading to the ITC. 

The ITC also has an energy management mode which saves power by running the compressor faster when excess power is available in the system.  The attractive display has temp up and down buttons, a read out of the temperature, an ECO button (for energy saving) and an ON/OFF button.

  • Set the perfect temperature 
  • Soft starts the compressor
  • On/Off button on Control Panel
  • Easily set Economy Mode
  • Can be used with (Danfoss) SeCOP control modules 101N0212 (DC only) and 101N510 (AC/DC) for BD35F / BD50F compressors
  • Will not rust out inside fridge

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