Sterling Power USA - Remote Control for ProCharge Ultra - The Ultimate Battery Charger

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Remote Control for the ProCharge Ultra- The Ultimate Battery Charger

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Our new line of Marine Grade, Power Factor Corrected Battery Chargers set a new standard of what you should expect from your battery charger when it comes to features, performance & price. Now they can be controlled and monitored from the helm of your boat or the dash of your motorhome with the ProCharge Ultra Remote. Check the real time voltage or current output on this optional remote control that can be either surface, recess, or flush mounted over 30 feet away from the battery charger. 


Remote control option displays:

  • Charging Voltage (V) and Charging Current (A)
  • Multi lingual - English, Spanish, French, German and Italian.
  • Charging stage and duration
  • Configured Battery Type
  • Temperature of the charger
  • Temperature of the battery
  • Error Messages 
  • 110mm x 68mm x 20 mm
  • Including 10 meters cable (slightly over 30 feet)
  • Unique remote housing can be surface mounted, recess mounted or flush mounted


 Sterling Power is honored to be awarded the 2011 Pittman Innovation Award in the Systems Category for the ProCharge Ultra line of Marine Grade Battery Chargers. We are proud to rank among the industry leaders in the RV & Marine battery charging market. 2011 Pittman Innovation Award Press Release     


September 2010 Sailing Today article- Multi-Stage Marine Battery Charger Review and Comparison of 9 brands of marine battery chargers. How does Sterling Power's New ProCharge Ultra line of marine battery chargers rank among the industry leaders in RV and Marine battery charging market? Read the marine battery charger review & find out:

Sailing Today September 2010 Marine Battery Charger Review & Comparison     


A Summary Sheet of our New ProCharge Ultra Line of Battery Chargers- The Ultimate Battery Charger:

http://www.sterling-power-usa.com/library/Sterling Power USA - ProCharge Ultra Battery Charger Product Sheet.pdf


Installation / Owners Manual for our ProCharge Ultra Line of Battery Chargers-

The Ultimate Battery Charger:

http://www.sterling-power-usa.com/library/PCU instructions.pdf


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