Frequently Asked Questions

There is a lot of ice formation in the refrigerator. How can this be fixed?
Check that the door closes properly. You can easily test this yourself by placing a torch in the refrigerator. If you see a light slit along the edge of the door opening, then the door must be closed properly or newly hung.Perhaps the thermostat is set higher than necessary. Or food with a high degree of saturation has been placed in the refrigerator, forming condensation on the evaporator. We recommend thawing the refrigerator and drying it properly. Afterwards, bear in mind these possible causes.

My Air Conditioner (Mabru) unit is showing error code 8

Error code 8 is related to water flow. Please check your pump, sea strainer and make sure plenty of water is feeding the unit. If the problem persists please give us a call at (888) 818-2814
My AC system is giving a HP (High Pressure Alarm)
In most cases HP alarm is related to poor water flow. If you check the strainer and it is clean, the water hoses may be dirty and need to be descaled, please call us for a professional descailing, that means to run acid thru your AC System for a few hours.