MPS units are recognized by the industry as the best of the best and here is why:

Efficiency: Our MABRU marine air conditioner features evaporator with anodized aluminum fins (copper fins on our newest models) deliver better heat transfer.

Design: MABRU units are not only the quietest on the market but also feature the most compact footprint available.

Reliability: Because we at MPS are so confident about our products reliability we offer a lifetime warranty on the compressor and 2 years on the rest of the unit. Standard on all our self-contained marine air conditioner units

Insulated multi speed, high static pressure fan blower with auto mode and round duct adapter flange Digital control with chromed bezel, network cable and remote temp sensor (touchscreen optional)

Stainless steel base pan Remote electrical box for easy mounting A 20 year rated 5/8 CuNi alloy C71500 condensing coil