Kohler Diesel Generator- 24 VDC 21EKOZD 60 Hz

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Diesel Generators 21EKOZD 60 Hz / 18EFKOZD 50 Hz

  Marine Generator Set
Engine Features

Decision-Maker 3500 Paralleling Controller

· Heavy-duty construction
· Certified by the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) to conform to Tier III marine auxiliary
· Diesel fueled
· Three cylinders
· Four cycle
· Electric fuel lift pump
· Lifting eye

· A graphical display and pushbutton/rotary selector dial provide easy, local data access
· Measurements are selectable in metric or English units
· The controller supports Modbus protocol with serial bus (RS-485) or Ethernet networks
· Scrolling display shows critical data at a glance
· Graphical display of power metering (kW, kVA, V, I, PF, and VAR)
· Integrated hybrid voltage regulator providing ±0.5% regulation
· Built-in alternator thermal overload protection


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