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Volt: 115V 60Hz AC
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Isotherm White Ice Maker - white door: marine quality ice makers:

The Isotherm White Ice Maker is a robust ice maker built for the marine environment.  With a white, proud-mount door, this model of the White Ice Maker allows installation in cabinets with shallower depth.  

The White Ice Maker produces approximately 22 pounds of white, crescent-shaped ice per day and holds approximately 11 pounds in a removable bin.

The White Ice Maker is self-ventilating, pulling air in through the front and exausting it out the front which reduces requirements for ventilation in the cabinet in which it is mounted.   Comes complete with mounting flange.

Following are part numbers and descriptions:

5W08A14CE0011 Ice-maker WHITE DOOR - White Ice 115V 60Hz AC Only - 22 pounds of crescent shaped, white ice per day   
5W08A11CE0011 Ice-maker WHITE DOOR - White Ice 230V 50Hz AC Only - 22 pounds of crescent shaped, white ice per day   


Product Highlights:

  • White door
  • Production capacity of 8 kg per day
  • Reliable white ice technology
  • Various customization possibilities for different installations just like with the CRUISE classic fridges and freezers
  • Front ventilation
  • Freezer compartment to keep the ice cubes frozen

Technical details

White Ice Maker - white door
Quantity Ice (lbs/24 hr.)
Dimensions H x W x D (inch)
24.6 x 14 x 15.7*
Weight (lbs)
Power consumption

180 W (115 or 230V)

Dimensional Drawing (USA)

* Proud mounted -  add 1.8 inches for door thickness (440 mm)

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