QUICK USA Prince DP2 512D Vertical Windlass 500W 12V 1/4" (with drum)

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The Prince is a vertical application windlass perfect for boats with limited deck space. This unit is composed of AISI 316 stainless steel which is a durable element when dealing with harsh marine environments. This unit comes in different variations such as with or without the drum capstan for rope retrieval and various gypsy sizes for rope and chain retrieval. Additional features include an IP67 watertight motor, anodized aluminum gearbox, and inspection lid. This unit is sold complete with the windlass, solenoid unit, clutch handle and mounting hardware. 

DP2 500W for boats from  20-30 ft. 

for boats from 5 to 13 meters (16 - 43 ft)
DP 300 W 5 - 7 m 16 - 23 ft
DP 500 W 6 - 9 m 20 - 30 ft
  DP 700 W 7 - 10 m 23 - 33 ft
  DP 1000 W 10 - 13 m 33 - 43 ft


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