Side-Power SE100/185T Thruster 12V - 100kg/220lb Thrust (8HP)



The SE100/185T replaces the SP95Ti as the most powerful thruster available in the popular ø185mm tunnel diameter and is thereby the optimal thruster for boats where a maximum thrust in a compact tunnel is necessary. The SE100/185T includes all the important and unique Side-Power features and qualities - why settle for less Thrust @10.5VDC220 lbs (100 kg) Thrust @24VDC256 lbs (116 kg) Typical Boat Size40-56' (12-17 m) Tunnel Diameter (I.D.)7.28" (185 mm) Propulsion SystemTwin Power @ 10.5V8.4 hp (6.3 kg) Voltage12VDC Minimum Battery Capacity1425 CCA SAE Recommended Fuse Size500 Amp (SMANL500) ManufacturerSide-Power Min Depth to Top of Tunnel5.47" (139mm) Min Depth to Center of Tunnel10.90" (277mm)

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