Side-Power SE40/125S Thruster 12V - 40kg/88b Thrust (3HP)

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The SE40 thruster gets every ounce of power you could want out of a 5" tunnel thruster. Side-Power's proprietary IPC system ensures safety and reliability while maintaining high thrust output and low-noise operation. Thrust @ 10.5VDC88 lbs (40 kg) Thrust @ 12VDC105 lbs (48 kg) Approx. Boat Size 26-34' (8-10.5 m) Tunnel Diameter (I.D.) 4.92" (125 mm) Propulsion SystemSingle Power @ 10.5V3 hp (2.2kw) Voltage 12VDC Minimum Battery Capacity570 CCA SAE Recommended Fuse Size250 Amp (SMANL250) Min Depth to Top of Tunnel 3.70" (94mm) Min Depth to Center of Tunnel 7.40" (188mm)

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