Transition box (MSI) 8x4 | 8x8

  • Brand: MSI
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  • SKU: TB84



Our standard transition boxes are con-
structed of black ABS with a haircel finish.

They are all slightly more than 5” deep and
at the opening they are 1/4” larger than the
nominal size. The flange corners and all
edges are rounded to avoid sharp points.
All of our standard transition boxes can be
assembled at the factory with one or more
rings attached and additionally openings

can be closed to create a distribution ple-
num. Specify the side by letter followed by

a ring size. We will use a round ring if pos-
sible. If not, we will use either an oblong

ring or a flat oval. The opening can be
closed off with a blank or with one or more

rings. Please provide a drawing for com-
plex configurations and any internal baffles.

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