WP-DC Power Cube 48V - 80A

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Nominal battery voltage 48 VDC
Output current 0-100 A (short circuit protected)
Output voltage 43.0 - 57.0 VDC
Recommended battery capacity 200 to 1000 Ah
Charge characteristic 3-step charge characteristic
Slave charger 12 V - 20 A (3-step charge characteristic) short circuit protected
Grid input voltage range 90 - 264 VAC (45 - 65 Hz), 3 wire connection
Grid input current Adjustable, from 2 A to 16 A
Power factor (cos phi) > 0.9
PM generator input range 80-300 VAC (30 - 500 Hz), 3 wire connection
PM input current Adjustable, from 2 A to 14.5 A
Power factor (cos phi) > 0.85
Power Factor Correction (PFC) EN 61000-3-2
Temperature compensation -60 mV/°C
Supported battery types Open and sealed lead acid: GEL / Traction / AGM / Spiral and Lithium-ion
Battery leakage current <5 mA per battery
Charge voltages Bulk, Absorption, Float
Charge voltage AGM / GEL at 25°C 57.60 VDC, 57.00 VDC, 54.40 VDC
Charge voltage Traction at 25°C 58.40 VDC, 57.80 VDC, 53.00 VDC
Charge voltage Open lead acid at 25°C 57.00 VDC, 57.00 VDC, 53.00 VDC
Charge voltage Lithium-Ion at 25°C 57.60 VDC, 57.20 VDC, 56.00 VDC
Return current from absorption to float 6% of Imax
Power Cube charging status on/off Digital output (relay, two-way contact)
Failure condition present Digital output (relay, two-way contact)
DC PowerCube disabled Digital input (potential free input, closed is disabled)
PM input disabled Digital input (potential free input, closed is disabled)
Conformity Directive EMC 2004/108/EC : EN 61000-6-1, EN 61000-6-3, EN 55014, EN 55022,
Over heating protection Yes, derating above 40°C, shutdown at high temperatures. (with automatic restart after cooling down)
Overvoltage protection 68 VDC +/- 0.5 VDC
Ingress Protection index IP21
Main battery connection 2 x M10 studs
Slave battery connection 1 x M5 stud
Earth grounding lug 1 x M6 stud
AC grid input 3 x M3 screw terminal block
PM grid input 3 x M3 screw terminal block
Remote control panel RJ12
Battery temperature sensor RJ12
Whisper Connect CANbus RJ45
Voltage sense Phoenix MSTB 2.5/2-ST-5.08
Digital outputs 6 x fastons (6.3x0.8)
Digital inputs 4 x fastons (6.3x0.8)
Dimensions l x w x h [mm] 575 x 221 x 316 mm
Operating temperature range -20 - 55°C (derating above 40°C)
Relative humidity in operation Up to 95% without condensation
Ventilation Combined cooling (convection and forced (variable speed))
Weight 26 Kg
Acoustic level <52 dB
Warranty 2 years
Accessories Battery temperature sensor and remote control panel

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